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Aura 2017 — Pinot Gris & Pinot Noir


A Wine That

is from another dimension; a world in which we're taught agriculture, astrology, yoga, magic and cultural history at school instead of the usual curriculum. It's a wine that tests the waters of what we're used to - with some skin contact and some direct press juice, this shimmies with its bronze pink hue, asking you questions with every peach melba sip.

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  • Winemaker: HIYU Wine Farm
Aura 2017 Wine LITTLEWINE















Pinot Gris
Pinot Noir

Where and How?

This is a steep, south facing, 4.2 acre field in the centre of the HIYU property. It’s planted to own rooted Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

"We live in a place where the dramatic weather drawn to Mt. Hood is constantly creating rainbows and other extraordinary light affects and we named the smaller parcels within the block in reference to these."

A portion of the grapes were directly pressed, a portion spent between 4-10 days of skin contact, and some of the Pinot Gris was fermented on the skins for many months.

The Winemaker

The Hood River Valley is a place that reverberates with energy. As we walk through the forest’s thick foliage, there is no man-made sound to be heard, other than the odd snap of twigs from beneath our feet. It’s almost as if we can feel the heartbeat of nature herself. It wouldn’t surprise us if there really were fairies living underneath the dense shrubbery.⁣⁣
This energy is what Nate and China are committed to preserving on their farm; their goal is to grow vines, vegetables and tend animals with as little interference with nature’s own rhythms as possible. This means working in tandem with nature, never against it. Instead of seeing the negatives (weeds as competition, mildew as bad), they flip their thinking - for example, which plants might be beneficial to the vines? How can the present microbial population be increased so that there’s less room for mildew to take hold? ⁣⁣
Nate and China are two people on a tandem bike, of which the framework is nature. They sit on top of a complex functioning world that gives them life, and their aim is simply to respect it and to help create an environment for it to flourish—for nature to thrive, and for the bike to run more smoothly. ⁣⁣
​As for the vineyards? Imagine a place where 107 grape varieties live together with oak trees, goats and rare species of duck. And the wines? Well, they're the polar opposite to Oregon's "norm"; if “classic Oregon” is Bronte’s Edgar Linton, then @hiyuwinefarm is Heathcliff. And we couldn't love them more if we tried. This is fine wine, as fine wine has never seen it before.⁣⁣

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