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Kopin 2017


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die-hard Ganevat fans who want their regular fix. Now that their domaine wines have become so sought-after, the négoce wines offer an amazing insight into why this winemaker is considered one of the Greats. Edgy and raw, this is all about smoke, lemon rind and piercing minerality. The kind of wine that makes your mouth water before it even hits your tongue.

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  • Winemaker: Jean-Francois Ganevat
Kopin - 2017
















Where and How?

This is Chardonnay and Savagnin from the Jura and Macon, and Riesling from Alsace, farmed by organic winemaker friends of Jean-François.
Pressed directly and fermented naturally, before ageing for over a year. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and without sulphites.

The Winemaker: Jean-Francois Ganevat

Jean-Francois farms 13 hectares of vines in the Jura, which create his domaine wines. These vineyards are tended biodynamically, including the use of natural plant-based products such as orange oil to decrease the use of copper used in the vineyards. He also makes négoce wine with organic grapes he buys from friends across France - here in the Jura frost means that in some years he loses most of his production. In the cellar, the wines are made with a hands-off approach; the key ingredients simply being whole bunches for the reds, and time for the whites, which are aged for at least two years. There is one philosophy that stands about the rest;

“It’s simple. I have always wanted to make wines that I want to drink.”

The cellar is a patchwork of different vessels; everything from old Burgundy barrels, to amphorae of all shapes and sizes and large, to old Austrian foudres. He ages the wines in the vessels that he feels suits them. The wines are almost always bottled without sulphur, but if Jean-François feels that a cuvée needs it, he'll add a "homeopathic dose." This is a method that consists of adding a micro-dose of sulphur (sometimes undetectable) but that is believed to have the same effect on the wine.

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