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B 2018 — Riesling

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A Wine That

makes you want to throw a party and have all your friends over for sushi (or sautéed bok choy and aubergine in soy sauce if you're veggie). With fresh lemongrass, blossom and citrus aromas, and with a long, mineral finish, it's simultaneously refreshing and energising. It's a wine that shouts, "get up and dance!"

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  • Winemaker: Jean-Pierre Frick
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Where and How?

In the sleepy Alsatian town of Pfaffenheim, Jean-Pierre Frick has quietly and continuously worked according to his polar beliefs of how vines should be tended and how wine should be made. His key ingredient in both cellar and vineyard is a simple one: time. 

This Riesling cuvée is from the Bihl vineyard in Pfaffenheim, which sits on clay-limestone. 

The wine was matured on fine lees in large 100-year-old Alsatian foudres. It was bottled with a tiny addition of sulphur. 

The Winemaker

Jean-Pierre frick has captivated the world with his philosophical musings and his spellbinding no-sulphur wines. From humble beginnings here in Alsace, his winemaking style and biodynamic farming methods arose from conversations with friends and family, combined with a desire to follow nature’s path.

In the late 70s he learnt about biodynamics from friends, and he took a 10-day course to study the philosophy in-depth. He says,

“The organic culture at the time hasn’t really changed compared to what it is now. By replacing synthetic products with non-chemical products - that’s a good step of course, it’s better for the microbiome of the soil and it helps against erosion. But by replacing a bad recipe with a better recipe, you’re still not really involving the person’s thinking. With biodynamics, however, you can live for 100 years and still never have answered the questions it raises. You expand your mind with observations and infinite studies. Human beings aren’t here to follow recipes, we’re here to find new ones, and to implicate ourselves.”

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