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Beaujolais-Villages 'Minouche' 2019


A Wine That

tastes like joy in a bottle. This is THE bottle to save for that special moment when you're reunited with friends — or the perfect excuse to have a party by yourself. It tastes like blueberries and herbs with a crunchy texture that leaves you wanting more. The perfect introduction to Julie Balagny's world.

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  • Winemaker: Julie Balagny
Beaujolais-Villages 'Minouche'  - 2019









Slightly chilled







Where and How?

In recent years, the idea of supporting other local growers converting to organics and biodynamics has been enough to make Julie Balagny decide to buy fruit in addition to making wine from her own vineyards. If she can support local growers also, it's a win for the region. As such, her Minouche Beaujolais-Villages cuvée was born:

"I had resisted the idea of négoce fruit, but then I met people who wanted to form a long-term partnership. This way, I can introduce an entry-level cuvée, which is important — I don't want to be elitist, and I want to help other growers, too."

In her cellar, you'll find big traditional cement tanks where the whole bunches of Gamay remain for three weeks or more. She uses CO2 gas to ensure the grapes remain without oxygen. She leaves the juice which forms from the weight of the bunches at the bottom of the vats; "to give more energy to the yeasts, so they don't suffer too much" she explains. The grapes are then pressed in her ancient vertical press, and then the juice is moved to the barrel cellar where it finishes fermenting naturally. She explains that as they continue fermenting in barrel, the CO2 released by the fermentation process prevents the unsulphured wines from developing brettanomyces (a yeast that can cause off-tastes and aromas). All the wines are bottled unfined, unfiltered and without added sulphites. 

The Winemaker

Julie Balagny might have become a celebrity in the wine world — but she remains one of the most humble, generous and thoughtful winemakers. 

Having left her native Paris in 1999 to take a job as a winemaker in the South of France, Julie arrived in Beaujolais ten years later and, cliché as it may be, the rest really was history. It’s not too often that two esteemed winemakers in the world (Yvon Métras and Jean-Francois Ganevat) call you and say,

“Hey Julie. There’s a spot in Fleurie with some available parcels. You in?”

We think you know the answer to that question already.

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