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Kamptal Kollektiv — Red 2020


A Wine That

reminds us of a red berry smoothie. Think raspberry and cherry aromas and a lovely lifted rose hip twist. If only we could turn this into perfume, too. We recommend serving it chilled to fully bring out this wine's charming character. And even better — the project behind this wine is focused on enabling local growers to convert to organic farming. So really this bottle is a win-win situation. Join us in drinking delicious wine, while taking little steps for a healthier planet.

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  • Winemaker: Kamptal Kollektiv
Kamptal Kollektiv — Red - 2020















Red Blend

Where and How?

The wines come from a mix of local grape varieties (such as Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent). Several vessels are used to enable small-plot winemaking, and sensitive, low intervention techniques are employed to allow the fruit and terroir to shine through. In the spirit of 'less is more', the wine ferments naturally, and is bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker: Kamptal Kollektiv

Founded in 2020, Kamptal Kollektiv is a project that supports family-run grape growers. The goal is to preserve the small structured landscape of the Kamptal (one of Austria's famed wine regions) while aiding its growers to convert their vineyards to organic farming. The conversion to organics can be challenging, as growers are faced with increased work in the vineyards, disease pressure challenges, reduced yields and unsustainable prices (per kilo of grapes). It is Kamptal Kollektiv's mission to make organic conversion accessible and feasible to all local grape growers by providing mentorship, higher prices for the grapes and guaranteed income. It is an admirable project that takes necessary action to enable lasting change — seeing more vineyards become healthy, diverse and thriving ecosystems, while providing socioeconomic support.


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