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La Borgatta 2015


A Wine That

— if you close your eyes — transports you directly to the Italian countryside — to a _nonna's_ warm kitchen with shimmering fresh pasta on the stove, with the scent of dried herbs in the air. This is everything we love about Piemonte and old-school Italian wine in a bottle, and it is entirely inimitable.

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  • Winemaker: Borgatta
La Borgatta - 2015
















Where and How?

This is organically farmed Barbera from Piemonte, Italy. The vineyards have been tended by Emilio and Maria Luisa since the 1960s, and they are now well into their 80s. With just two hectares of vines, these bottles are incredible glimpses into the history, present and future of the region, through the lens of one of the kindest, gentlest couples in wine.
Hand harvested by Emilio and Maria Luisa, the grapes were then destemmed, and the wine fermented naturally in the same concrete vats that have been used here since the 40s. After fermentation, they pressed, and the wine was racked into steel tanks where it stayed on the lees for one year or so, after which they bottled the wine. Very low sulfites, bottled unfined and unfiltered, and aged in the bottle for several years before release — this is the latest vintage!

The Winemaker: Borgatta

It’s very rare to find a winery and vineyard that is able to transport you back in time; a winery that feels like stepping into a beautifully preserved black and white film photograph. That is what La Borgatta achieves; not because they’re creating something atavistic, but simply because this is how they’ve always done things — largely unchanged since the 1960s.The wines are the definition of timeless; these are classical beauties; yet ones made without restraint. This is like drinking the thinking of decades gone by, transported into today’s world.
"The manual work in the vines is one of our favourite activities, and we cherish it. Plus, we couldn't really afford any fancy products! In our gut, we knew the chemical way was not the true way. We must protect our earth at all costs. For us, without this land, without our plants and our vines, there is no reason to live. We have been caretakers of this small but cherished piece of land for decades. It is a part of us, it is home."


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