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Lentum 2015


A Wine That

is a mystery on its own. Thorsten's special cellar below his house has somewhat a unique micro-climate. Most of his Rieslings would ferment dry within the first 12 months but then there are barrels that keep fermenting (slowly) for many more months, sometimes years! The aptly named 'Lentum' is one of them and it is astonishing to see how this evolution gives the wine a character that is far away from Mosel Riesling. To us it is like drinking energetic Chablis with the perfume of slate grown Riesling. A wine with lots of attitude and panache.

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  • Winemaker: Thorsten Melsheimer
Lentum - 2015
















Where and How?

The grapes come from the single vineyard 'Mullay-Hofberg' - a vineyard that has been in the hands of the Melsheimer family for the past centuries. Pure grey slate soils that give Riesling from the Mosel its unique flavour. Grapes are hand-harvested on the steep slopes and then vinified in large 'Fuder' barrels - a traditional size in the Mosel ever since.

The Winemaker: Thorsten Melsheimer

Thorsten Melsheimer is a curious and meticulous winemaker who crafts some of the most compelling Rieslings from some of the most famed sites in the Mosel. Bit by bit over the years, he has also become intrigued by sparkling wine, making pét-nat as an experiment before it was even known as pét-nat.
This is a guy who makes wine not just for a living, but for fun. It's an endless journey of learning and knowledge, and these bottles will tell you the stories of all the lessons learnt along the way.


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