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L'Oume 2017


A Wine That

is a more delicate and lighter red with a fragrant dimension like drinking a rooibos tea mixed with fresh forest fruits.

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  • Winemaker: Les Frères Soulier
L'Oume - 2017













Sandy Clay


Grenache Noir

Where and How?

This is Grenache and old-vine (planted 1954) Cinsault on limestone soils.
The wine ferments naturally with a 10-day semi-carbonic maceration. Aged for six months in barrels and two months in bottle. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and without added sulphites.

The Winemaker: Les Frères Soulier

Charles and Guillaume Soulier are the renegades of wine. That’s not to say they don’t respect the art of making and farming wine, but rather they’re anarchists in terms of the traditional way of doing so. They’ve not just thrown the handbook out of the window, but they’ve also burnt and composted it.
Like so many others in the region, their father worked according to the cooperative model, which wasn’t financially sustainable. Not wanting to farm with chemicals nor make industrial wines, they decided to try something different.
That ‘something different’ is an ever-evolving process of understanding their ecosystem and working in tandem with it, as opposed to against it. Today, they work according to the principles of permaculture, and the resulting wines are their outlet of creativity.


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