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La Grande Pièce 2018 — Sauvignon Blanc


A Wine That

tastes like the equivalent of looking into a crystal ball; enchanting and full of mystery. One second it's all passionfruit, then it's lemongrass, and then suddenly it's like diving into a rock pool. It will take your tongue on a hike through the different expressions of Sauvignon Blanc.

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  • Winemaker: Les Jardins de Theseiis
La Grande Pièce 2018 — Sauvignon Blanc Wine LITTLEWINE















Sauvignon Blanc

Where and How?

La Grande Pièce is one of Anouk and Paul-André's biodynamic parcels, planted in silty clay-limestone. Two cuvées are produced from this parcel from their oldest vines: Sauvignon Blanc (1966) and Gamay (1967).

For this Sauvignon Blanc cuvée, the grapes were hand harvested and whole bunch pressed. The wine fermented naturally, and was aged in old barrels for ten months. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and without any sulphites added at any stage. 2500 bottles produced.

The Winemakers

Taking over the vineyard of a globally celebrated winemaker is not for the faint hearted. Then again, nor is moving across the globe from Montréal to France, pivoting your career from biologist to winemaker, and deciding to work biodynamically from the get-go. But that’s exactly what Anouk Lavoie-Lamoreux and Paul-André Risse did. After tasting a bottle of Bruno n’Côt in 2016, Anouk and Paul-Andre were introduced to Bruno Allion. Little did they know they would soon take on his legacy. 

Meet the Winemakers

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