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Lottai Più Forte 2019


A Wine That

shows why Tai Rosso should be on everybody's lips! This northern Italian Grenache shows us the ethereal, lighter side to this world-famous grape variety. Think fresh earth, and a big bowl of blackberries picked straight from the bush. In Simone's words (the winemaker): "Ancient aromas of wild fruit, primordial drinkability that hits straight to the heart. Antithesis of the opulence. Dedicated to those who believe that the strength lies in vulnerability."

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  • Winemaker: Indomiti Vini
Lottai Più Forte  - 2019
Lottai Più Forte 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE
Lottai Più Forte 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE













Red Clay



Where and How?

This comes from organically farmed Tai Rosso (a local biotype of Grenache) from Vicenza, in the Veneto, Italy. The vineyards are planted on limestone and red clay. 

The berries were destemmed, and macerated with the juice for 14 days. Fermentation occurred naturally, after which the wine then aged for nine months in old oak barrels. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and with low sulfites.

The Winemaker

The project of Simone Ambrosini is a microcosm for a greater notion — the big step of a young person to decide to work with the land. In an era when many agricultural regions have been struggling due to younger generations moving to cities, it is endlessly inspiring to see people who come from outside traditional winemaking families take steps to create their own path within farming and winemaking.

“We must also ask ourselves: what do you see when you harvest? That is fundamental. It’s so hard to find the right picking date — and that’s 60% of the job, or maybe more! If you harvest too early or late, there’s nothing you can do. Then… I don’t have a standard procedure, rather my procedure is not having one. It’s the only way if you’re working how I’m working, and if you’re aware of the climate changing. You need to make different choices year after year."

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