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Blaufränkisch vom Kalk 2018


A Wine That

more than any other wine tells the story of Markus and his estate. Blaufränkisch is by far the single most important reason why Markus started to make wine in 2006 and his estate blend 'Vom Kalk' has really shown the evolution of this estate at his best. If you like the spiciness of Syrah, the complexity of Pinot and the fruit profile of Gamay then Blaufränkisch is your thing. We wish all 'little' wines could be as good as this one!

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  • Winemaker: Markus Altenburger
Blaufränkisch vom Kalk - 2018
















Where and How?

The grapes for Markus' estate blend 'Vom Kalk' are from small parcels dotted around his home village Jois. Just like his Chardonnay, the grapes are mainly influenced by the compact limestone sub soils. Grapes are harvested and macerated in open vats for a 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, grapes are pressed gently and continue to age in large wooden vessels for a minimum of 8 to 12 months on the full lees. Bottled without filtration and with a microscopic addition of sulphur.

The Winemaker: Markus Altenburger

Every now and then you meet a winemaker who approaches wine from a completely different angle. These are the people who make you subconsciously cock your head to one side while getting lost in thought.
One of these people is Markus Altenburger. From the way he describes how a vine interacts with its environment in an easy, matter of fact manner, to his pragmatic thinking behind skin-contact white wine, Markus has a logical explanation for everything. It’s a logic you also find in the wine, but that’s not to say they’re simple ‘tick box’ wines.
Rather, these are rubix cube wines: you need to take some time to get to know them.


Explore the Story of Markus Altenburger

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