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Olla Blanc 2019 — Muscat & Macabeu


A Wine That

ticks every box: Thirstquenching, Moreish, Flavourful, Delicious. Wonder whether you’ll like orange wine? This is your ABC Starter Pack - a floral delight that will elicit smiles, joy and dancing. Think citrus, orange zests and a splash of the French riviera. 

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  • Winemaker: Matassa
Olla Blanc 2019 — Muscat & Macabeu Wine LITTLEWINE
















Where and How?

This is a blend of 40-50-year-old organically farmed Muscat and Macabeu vines.

The whole bunches were macerated together for one week, carbonic-style. Fermentation occurred naturally, and the wine was aged in tanks and large oak barrels. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker

… Boy meets girl in vineyard. Boy falls in love with girl as they catch one another’s gaze across the fermenting barrels. Sounds like a romance novel, right? Right. In reality, it wasn’t quite like that. Rather, the girl in question — Natalie, the daughter of Gérard Gauby whose domaine Tom was working at — impressed Tom by eating an eyeball right out of a sheep’s head (a South African tradition). Tom was smitten; it was the beginning of a beautiful Roussillon romance. Twenty years later, they have two children, a farm and a business together.⁣

Tom reminisces on his early days making wine in South Africa, saying,⁣

“I was able to get my first two vintages past the tasting regulation panels, so they could get sold. I guess nobody really took notice, they just thought it was some weird bulls*&t that would go away.” ⁣

Those couple of barrels of weird bulls*&t would actually end up kickstarting an entire movement—not just in South Africa, but across Europe—from Beziers to Vienna.⁣

So, it wasn’t some weird bulls*&t, and it didn't go away. Rather it’s about a simple and pure concept: organic farming, and fermented grape juice—without the bulls*&t.⁣

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