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Olla Rouge 2019 — Grenache, Macabeu & Syrah


A Wine That

is juicy, invigorating, moreish, thirstquenching. This is the kind of wine that makes you wanna go out partying. Or just party at home in your pyjamas. Either way, you'll be boogying to funk & disco classics until the wee hours. This is a wine that cries out for Mediterranean food: roasted veg and wild herbs - with or without beef.

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  • Winemaker: Matassa
Olla Rouge 2019 — Grenache, Macabeu & Syrah Wine LITTLEWINE
















Where and How?

This is a cofermentation of red (Grenache), pink (Grenache Gris) and white (Macabeu) varieties. As such, this isn't technically a red wine, nor a rosé, nor a white wine. So what is it? Well, Tom doesn't care if this falls into a specific category of wine, and neither should you. What does matter is that it's delicious above all else.  

All of the grapes were hand harvested separately and then combined in one large concrete tank, where they "cofermented" — ie. experienced the joyous transformation of juice to wine as one (naturally, of course). This took place over ten days, with the whole bunches (stems & all), after which the wine was aged in concrete. 

The Winemaker

As the June sun in Tom’s garden beats down onto the crackling braai he’s preparing, it feels almost exactly like we’re sitting in the Swartland—but we’re not, we’re in the Roussillon, in deep southern France. The conversation turns to South Africa, Tom’s home country. He reminisces on his early days making wine, chuckling as he says,

“I was able to get my first two vintages past the tasting regulation panels, so they could get sold. I guess nobody really took notice, they just thought it was some weird bulls*&t that would go away.” 

Those couple of barrels of weird bulls*&t would actually end up kickstarting an entire movement—not just in South Africa, but across Europe—from Beziers to Vienna. Tom would find himself sitting on a panels discussing natural wine at wine festivals.

So, it wasn’t some weird bulls*&t, and it didn't go away. Rather it’s about a simple concept: organic farming, and fermented grape juice—without the bulls*&t.

Watch the Matassa Episode & Read Tom's Story

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