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Maupiti 2019

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A Wine That

we'd quite like to drink every night. This should be a staple for everyone; bright and crunchy, this is like a Beaujolais with a little more body. Think black cherries, sandalwood and smoke.

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  • Winemaker: Terre de Elu
Maupiti - 2019















Cabernet Franc

Where and How?

This is Cabernet Franc (50%), Gamay (35%) and Grolleau (15 %) from the Anjou vineyards of Terre de l'Elu.
Naturally fermented and macerated with whole bunches, infusion-style. Aged in wood conical vats for 10-12 months and bottled unfined and unfiltered.
Photograph by Leigh-Ann Beverley

The Winemaker: Terre de L'Elu

When you fall in love with a terroir, you have to let it shine. For Charlotte and Thomas of Terre de l'Elu, that meant no additions, no commercial yeasts — a little hand every now and then, sure, but no more.
It hasn’t been an easy ride in the last couple of years. The Estate was once called Clos d’Élu, but they had to drop their "Clos" and rename it "Terre" when they made the difficult decision to leave their appellation (meaning their wines are now marked Vin de France on the label, instead of with their regional village). Although they might not want to, sometimes rules are made to be broken; even more so when it comes to the tricky waters of wine politics.
“We decided to keep hold of our freedom, and to follow our customers instead of the regional board.”
It wasn't an easy choice by any means, but it has allowed Charlotte and Thomas to be released from their shackles. They're exactly where they always wanted to be:
“I’m always hoping to feel an emotion. I often compare it with the feeling of looking at my children, when you just think ‘wow.’ The wine should make you feel the same – and not because it's the best, or perfect. We like some imperfections, they give the wine its charm.”


Discover the Story of Terre de L'Elu

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