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Little Buteo 2019

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A Wine That

gives you the feeling of biting into a fresh green apple. Juicy and crunchy but with a lot of bright zesty acidity. 'Little' Buteo is dedicated to the local buzzards flying around Michael's vineyards. Great if you want to get an idea of the character of the Weinviertel and the farm's philosophy.

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  • Winemaker: Michael Gindl
Little Buteo - 2019















Grüner Veltliner

Where and How?

All of Michael's vineyards are dotted around his home village Hohenruppersdorf. The soils are mostly alluvian sandstone called 'Löss' by the locals with patches of limestone and granite here and there. All of Michael's grapes are hand harvested and gently pressed and aged in a mix of tanks and Austrian barrels. There is no addition of SO2 throughout the vinification with the occasional microscopic addition at bottling.

The Winemaker: Michael Gindl

If we could choose one grower to highlight the success of permaculture and biodynamic principles, Michael would be shortlisted, if not the winner. His wines have become championed as some of the most exciting natural wines to come out of Austria in recent years, but it's the farm that makes the wines. The cows, the goats, the horses and the plants all add their own energy — and that's what you find in the wine.


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