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Naïa 2019


A Wine That

feels like a Monet painting — classic in its beautiful simplicity. This is all about capturing the essence and history of the region in the bottle, and by having a light touch, the winemaker shows us what these varieties from very old vines are capable of. There's no make-up here, just pure, mouthwateringly delicious fresh black fruit, with a twist of rosemary, thyme and black olive. Southern French nature in a bottle.

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  • Winemaker: Domaine Inebriati
Naïa - 2019









Slightly chilled







Where and How?

The Cinsault (60%), Carignan (30%) and Aramon (10%) for this wine all grow on the same plot, on soils rich in gravette de Corconne. This distinctive type of soil contains pieces of Jurassic limestone, which have eroded from the limestone cliffs surrounding Victor's plots. This cool limestone is key to the wines retaining a freshness despite the long hot summer days. The bush vines in this plot are some of the oldest in Corconne (some are 80 years old!)
This cuvée is one that Victor's father also made, and the goal is to express this unique single vineyard in the bottle. Like his dad, Victor also uses whole bunches, which gives that lovely floral side to the wine, but he's more gentle — less extraction, more infusion style. By leaving the wine to macerate with less punchdowns (which extracts more tannin) and for a shorter period, he makes this yummy, juicier style of wine which is also approachable in its youth.


The Winemaker: Domaine Inebriati

The Pic Saint-Loup appellation of the Languedoc has some natural treasures: old vines. Sadly, more and more of these precious, living pieces of vinous history succumb to an early fate; ripped out to make way for younger, more productive vineyards. However, some fortunate examples of these ancient treasures have found themselves in the care of the Beau family; handed down from Christoph Beau to Victor Beau. And in these hands, they aren’t going anywhere — these beauties are staying in the ground, where they belong, farmed biodynamically for as long as they may live.


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