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Déferlante 2 — Rosé


A Wine That

makes you blink and look twice - you'll lift it to the light to marvel at its colour. It's a wine that was born from an experiment, and we feel it's also a wine for experimental souls; for the dreamers and the risk-takers out there. And the taste? Like cranberries and thyme; like one of those fancy new-wave cocktails that leave you trying to figure out what's in it (disclaimer: just grapes).

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  • Winemaker: Olivier Cohen
Deferlante 2 — Rosé Wine LITTLEWINE















Chenin Blanc
Grenache Noir

Where and How?

This is Grenache, Syrah and... *drum roll*... Chenin Blanc. Yes, really. Olivier had some Chenin that still had a touch of sugar remaining, so instead of filtering it, he experimented by blending it with Grenache and Syrah. The result? It was delicious and unlike any other wine out there. The fruit came from organically tended vineyards in the Languedoc and in Limoux. 

The Syrah and Grenache were fermented separately, carbonically, and the Chenin Blanc was direct pressed. All components were fermented naturally, and the final result was bottled unfined and unfiltered. 

The Winemaker

Olivier Cohen is a young man on a regenerative agricultural mission. He wasn’t born into wine; there were no family vineyards to inherit here. He grew up in Nice, and his initial plan was to become a lawyer. When attending business school, he started hanging out at the nearby wine shop and bar, La Part Des Anges. He would soon discover that this was a pretty iconic bar for the natural wine scene, and before he knew it, he’d shot down the rabbit hole and was working there, too. Wine - 1, Law - 0. There was no turning back.

It wasn’t enough for Olivier to sell and pour wine; he was itching to get into the cellar. Through meeting winemakers who’d come to the bar, he had the opportunity to do vintages with some of France’s most iconic winemakers. Eventually, it was time to settle and do his own thing; and the Languedoc was calling.

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