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Olla Blanc 2021


A Wine That

ticks every box for us. Thirstquenching, moreish, flavourful, delicious. Wonder whether you’ll like orange wine? This is your ABC Starter Pack - a floral delight that will elicit smiles, joy and dancing. Think citrus, orange zests and a splash of the French riviera.

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  • Winemaker: Matassa
Olla Blanc - 2021





Orange & Skins










Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains
Muscat de Alexandria

Where and How?

This is a blend of organically farmed old-vine Muscat and Macabeu. The Muscat gives the floral blossom-like aromas, and the Macabeu gives the acid backbone and a mineral crunch. The whole bunches of grapes (stems & all) underwent 'carbonic maceration' for one week (meaning the grapes undergo intercellular fermentation, which gives a silky texture and fresh fruit aromas). The fermentation occurred naturally, and the wine was aged in tanks and large oak barrels. The wine was bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker

Boy meets girl in vineyard. Boy falls in love with girl as they catch one another’s gaze across the fermenting barrels.

Sounds like a romance novel, right? Right. In reality, it wasn’t quite like that. Rather, the girl in question (Natalie, the daughter of Gérard Gauby) impressed Tom by eating an eyeball right out of a sheep’s head (a South African tradition). Tom was smitten; it was the beginning of a beautiful Roussillon romance. Twenty years later, they have two children, a farm and a business together.

Tom reminisces on his early days making wine in South Africa, saying,

“I was able to get my first two vintages past the tasting regulation panels, so they could get sold. I guess nobody really took notice, they just thought it was some weird bulls*t that would go away.”

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