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Park Life — Wine Pack


If There Was ...

ever a time to drink natural wine in a park with Blur’s ‘Park Life’ blaring out of the speakers, it’s right now. The sun is (sometimes) out, the birds are singing, and we can meet with friends once more. That calls for celebration, and fun, lip-smacking delicious wines that go down way too easily. This pack features Jutta Ambrositsch’s Rakete — a wine somewhere in between a red and a rosé and infinitely refreshing, Lucas Rieffel’s Vieilles Vines Riesling — because everybody loves Riesling, and Angiolino Maule’s Garg ‘n’ Go — an adult, wine version of the best pear juice you’ve ever tasted. Enjoy, and send us a ’gram from the park!

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Park Life — Wine Pack Box LITTLEWINE
Park Life — Wine Pack Box LITTLEWINE

1x Italy (Veneto)
1x France (Alsace)
1x Austria (Vienna)


1x Sparkling
1x White
1x Light Red


3 bottles à 75cl


1x Garganega & Durella
1x Riesling
1x Field Blend

The Maker: Angiolino Maule

Originally a pizza chef, in the 80s Angiolino Maule pursued his dream of farming a vineyard and making wine. Convinced that natural farming was the only way to go, he was one of the outsiders when he began - at the time, chemical farming was the norm. His quest for a modern understanding of organic agriculture even led him to form the association VinNatur, which now has over 180 winemakers as members. Various studies are carried out across his own and all members’ vineyards. They calculate the microorganisms living in the soils and categorise them, they carry out research on insects and analyses on spontaneous grasses, and they are constantly on the quest for discovering natural methods to combat plant disease. The ultimate goal is to be able to be self sufficient.

“It is a cultural model based on scientific precision and a LOT of experimentation!” He laughs. The soils of La Biancara are so distinct; they are pitch black. It is primarily composed of basalt, an extrusive igneous rock. This means that it formed from lava that was ejected from below ground, via volcanic activity from an extinct volcano lies nearby, in the town of Brenton. “This volcanic soil is rich in minerals, and I believe the wine is rich in these minerals. It is my goal to maximise soil health, and therefore to find the maximum expression of these soils in the wines. It’s an endless quest… a lifetime of searching...”


The Wine: Pet Nat Garg'n'Go 2019

A wine that makes you wanna have a garden party just so you can serve these bubbles to everybody. Fresh, exuberant and refreshing, this tastes like a summer cocktail but in wine format. Infinitely gluggable and so fruity you could almost mistake it for pear juice, this is the kind of wine that simply makes everybody smile.

The Maker: Jutta Ambrositsch

You might think that a graphic-designer-turned-winemaker would relish the chance to design their own labels. Not Jutta; in her words,

“It was the hardest graphic design job I’ve ever had.”

She feels incredibly fortunate to be able to tend vineyards in Vienna; having arrived on the scene in 2004 it was still possible to persuade a winemaker to lease her some vineyards. These days, however, it is near-impossible as they are so in demand. Thus, she counts her lucky stars every day when she heads out to the vines with her dog in tow. She knows the soils and every vine inside out, tending them organically in accordance with Mother Nature’s own rhythms. 

Translating these intimate relationships faithfully via the small medium of a square wine label was no mean feat. 


The Wine: Wiener Rakete 2020

A wine that translates into "Viennese Rocket" and pairs with summer vibes - not only in Vienna. It tastes like juicy cranberries dunked in ice and sprinkled with fresh mint leaves. This is a wine for the beach or that spare patch of grass with your name on it in the city. Serve it chilled and shake the bottle to wake it up. Put some R&B jams on, and once you've had a sip of this, you'll instantly sit back and relax before heading for a second bottle. 

The Maker: Lucas Rieffel

In Mittelbergheim, Alsace – just a dozen miles from the German border – Lucas Rieffel is farming and making wines of the future. These are not your typical charming-but-old-school Alsatian wines; rather they are emotive, jolting wines that show an entirely new face of Alsace. It’s like seeing an old friend with an entirely new look. Sylvaner – far too often the underdog – takes its deserved place as Ace of Spades in this hand.

What’s more, the humble Crémant produced here might be the quiet one at a table sat next to its Champenois counterparts, but if there’s one worth betting on for pure drinkability and deliciousness–this is it.

Why? The answer is much simpler than you might think. In Lucas’ words:

“I’d rather be a farmer than a commercial director.”


The Wine: Riesling Vieilles Vignes 2018

A wine that punches well above its weight; some portions of grand cru Riesling made it into this cuvée. It's a wine with mineral crunch and such purity that you'll marvel at how grapes can produce something so un-grapelike. After drinking this, you'll be reaching for more Riesling, thinking, why am I not drinking more of this!?

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