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Pedres Blanques 2019


A Wine That

tastes as breathtaking as the place it comes from looks. It's impossible to categorise or compare this wine to any other cuvée, for it stands very much on its own. What we can say, however, is if you're looking for some magic in a bottle — then this is it; in its blackcurrant, salty, mineral glory.

This bottle is a super rare find that we would like to share with many of you. We are therefore limiting the purchase to ONE BOTTLE ONLY per customer please, thank you for your understanding!

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  • Winemaker: Pedres Blanques
Pedres Blanques  - 2019









Slightly chilled







Where and How?

“We wanted to do the most simple form of winemaking: so we chose to work with whole bunches, with no sulphites, and no pigeage or remontage.” 

The southern section of the vineyard is picked first, followed by the north-facing section. Altogether, harvest takes around ten days, and the wines from each section are blended together at a later stage. 

While the maceration period is fairly long (one month), the very gentle infusion-style of winemaking means the wine itself has a silky-soft tannic structure. The key benefit of their winery is the temperature: it’s very cool and they have a ‘chambre froid’ to ensure the grapes are chilled down. This prevents any bacteria from going haywire; crucial for making wine without additives. Once the maceration period is over and the wine is declared ready, they press the grapes in a simple basket press, and transfer the juice from the stainless steel fermentation tanks to large format old oak barrels where it ages until bottling.

The Winemaker

The wines (or rather *wine) created by Rié and Hirofumi Shoji has quickly captured the hearts of wine lovers around the world. Since its first vintage, 2017, it has become highly allocated, making its way onto dozens of cult wine bar & restaurant lists around the world.

It’s made as simply as possible, with no additives, but the wine itself is far from simple. How does that happen? How can simplicity be so captivating? 

Well, when you see the parcel, named Pedres Blanques, it speaks for itself. This is a spellbinding place that has found itself in the hands of two deeply passionate people, and the combination of their energies produces something unparalleled.

It’s as if this piece of land and this couple were made for one another. 

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