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Pét-Nat Chenin Blanc 2017


A Wine That

shows the serious side of pét-nat. Often, this natural sparkling wine style is seen as a fun, refreshing, picnic-in-a-park kinda wine, but Alexandre ages this for a whopping three years. This means it's super complex - croissant dough, lemon peel and almond fakes. Get ready to lose yourself in this bottle!.

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  • Winemaker: Alexandre Giquel
Pét-Nat Chenin Blanc - 2017
Pét-Nat Chenin Blanc 2017 Wine LITTLEWINE
Pét-Nat Chenin Blanc 2017 Wine LITTLEWINE















Chenin Blanc

Where and How?

This is organically farmed Chenin Blanc from the Loire, grown on silex soils.
The wine is fermented naturally, and finishes fermenting in bottle, à la pét-nat. To add additional complexity (naturally), the wines was aged for a further three years, allowing it to develop complex tertiary aromas and flavours.

The Winemaker: Alexandre Giquel

This young man was on track to become an accountant, but while bookkeeping for a winery, he realised the vines themselves held more appeal than the keyboard. But studying wine itself wasn’t enough; realising very little was taught about organics on his traditional wine course, he decided to seek natural alternatives to conventional viticulture.
So, he did some research, and took a course in animal management. In turn, this led him to develop a particular fondness for plough horses, and last year he bought his own mare.
This is true artisan vineyard management: in fact, Alexandre doesn’t even know how to drive a tractor.

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