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Metodo Ancestrale 'Miau' 2017


A Wine That

drinks like sparkling Peach Bellini (but made from grapes). Marion and Martin use a mix of grapes, usually from the early part of the harvest where the grapes have wonderful zing and crunch to them.

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  • Winemaker: Pranzegg
Metodo Ancestrale 'Miau' - 2017

Alto Adige















Where and How?

The grapes (Vernatsch and Lagrein) for this wine were grown during a uniquely all-over-the-place summer - Spring until June was dry and very hot, followed by an incredibly rainy July and August. These vines are old (around 50 years of age) and are trained onto trentino pergolas - essentially leafy green, shady tunnels. After the grapes are hand harvested, they’re left to ferment spontaneously on the skins for a day and a half, then pressed and bottled. After four months, the bottles are disgorged to release excess lees, before being topped up with the same juice, rather than any sweeter dosage. This creates a fresh, dry fizz with very little residual sugar. Just 2000 bottles were produced in total.

The Winemaker: Pranzegg

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Alto Adige, you’ll find many vineyards; but a massive 95% of the grapes from these vineyards are sold to cooperatives-style wineries. However, in the remaining 5%, you’ll find a slowly-but-surely growing segment of winemakers committed to farming their own grapes and making their own wine.


Two of these winemakers are Martin Gojer and Marion Untersulzner of Pranzegg; committed to every aspect of their 3.5-hectare farm; where you’ll find not just vines, but also sheep, chickens and bees. For them, this isn’t just a job, but a way of life.

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