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Presence 2018 — Champagne


A Wine That

shows just how serious Champagne can be. Textural and layered, this feels like a beautiful graphite pencil sketch — delightfully pure yet ever-so-detailed. Think lemon and fresh peaches with an almond croissant finish... pure yumminess.

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  • Winemaker: Marie Courtin
Presence - 2018















Pinot Blanc

Where and How?

From Dominique Moreau's biodynamic vines in Polisot, in the Côte des Bars southern region of Champagne.
This is roughly 33% Pinot Blanc and 67& Chardonnay, massal selection, planted on one single 2.5-hectare parcel called ’Le Tremble.' All vines face East, but the soil in this parcel is varied- the Chardonnay vines are planted in Portlandian soil (Portland stone) and all the other grape varieties are planted in Kimmeridgian soil, which contains a large quantity of tiny oyster shells (exogyra virgula).
The juice fermented naturally, then aged in stainless steel for two years. Malolactic fermentation took place naturally. Bottled unfined and unfiltered, without any sulfites.

The Winemaker: Marie Courtin

Dominique Moreau chose to name her winery ‘Marie-Courtin’ in memory of her great-grandmother. She says, “It was my great grand-mother’s name, who, during the First World War, was a woman who worked on
the land, and who farmed using a horse, while the menfolk were on the front, therefore I wanted to pay homage to these women of courage and of strength”.


She has become celebrated worldwide for her natural approach to farming wines and making Champagne as naturally as possible. These are beautiful bottles with soul.

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