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P'tit Max — Gamay 2019


A Wine That

makes heads turn and conversations stop. This is Guy Breton's (aka Ptit Max) top cuvée and vinous gold dust to find. It's a Gamay that shows just how soul-searching the variety can be, and even gives the finest of Pinots a run for their money. You won't regret it.

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  • Winemaker: Guy Breton
P'tit Max — Gamay - 2019









Slightly chilled







Where and How?

This is organically farmed Gamay from Guy Breton's oldest vines on his 'Les Charmes' parcel of Morgon (some are even 120 years old).

This wine comes from the oldest vines of Guy's Morgon plot, Les Charmes (some of which are even 120 years old). They have been farmed organically since the 80s.
Fermentation is always the same for all of Guy's Beaujolais Cru wines, to let the terroir speak, not the winemaking. Carbonic maceration takes place in concrete for between fifteen days and three weeks. He learnt how to vinify using carbonic maceration from the master himself: Jules Chauvet, a revolutionary biochemist and wine merchant. This special technique is one that elevates the fruity and floral characteristics of Gamay and provides a very delicate tannin structure. Ageing takes place in old wooden barrels, and the Ptit Max cuvée is aged for at least 12 months. A miniscule amount of sulphur is added before bottling, and never any sulphur during vinification.
Thank you to Aaron Ayscough for this beautiful photograph.

The Winemaker: Guy Breton

Guy Breton is a revolutionary winemaker and farmer. Having grown up in Beaujolais, Guy himself admits he didn't even really like wine that much until he met the great late Jules Chauvet and fellow winemaker Marcel Lapierre in the early 80s. From spending time with them and tasting their wines, young Guy developed an obsession for Gamay. Together with a group of other winemaker friends, they made and farmed wine without chemicals, promoting natural farming methods, using natural yeasts only, and vinifying without sulphur. It is no exaggeration to say that from this group grew an entire movement - a movement that is today often dubbed "the natural wine movement," or in French, vin natur.


Today, the ever-humble Guy continues to farm and work in Villié-Morgon. Indeed, he might not even realise quite how famous he is in the wine world. His wines are listed in fine dining restaurants and trendy wine bars all around the world, and they continue to inspire wine drinkers and winemakers globally.

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