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Raisin City 2020


A Wine That

is dear to our hearts — in fact, it was LITTLEWINE's cofounder who helped to find this vineyard! It's a place with an unusual and wondrous history — this was one of the first biodynamic farms in the US, and the vine material represents an ancient history of California wine. The wine is all about the savoury side of white wine — think almond peel, hazelnuts and rock salt. The ideal wine for food pairing, especially if you're a lover of spice.

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  • Winemaker: LA River Wine Co
Raisin City - 2020
















Where and How?

The story of this vineyard is both wonderful and unlikely. Based in Fresno, in an area of California that is close to the aptly named town 'Raisin City,' fruit from this area usually goes to raisin and spirit production. However, it's also home to the remarkable Marian Farms — one of the first biodynamic farms in the US.
Lovingly tended by Gena Nonini, this is Palomino planted own-rooted (meaning ungrafted), taken from cuttings that were originally planted by her ancestors, meaning this is really old-school Palomino! The wine was naturally fermented, with half of the juice skin-fermented for a few days, and the other half directly pressed and food trodden. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker: LA River Wine Co

Abe Schoener is one of a kind. A philosophy professor initially, he turned to wine during a sabbatical, and the rest was history. His philosophical way of thinking, and indeed his historical and cultural research, has always shown through in his wines. His Scholium Project wines became known as some of the first 'natural wines' of the US, but they were never born out of a desire to create natural wine — but rather through an explorative and curious thought process.
When Abe learnt about the complex and lesser-explored history of southern Californian wine, namely in Cucamonga, he set his sights on exploring viticulture and vinification in the south. Our cofounder joined him for the first vintage of what would become the Los Angeles River Wine Company in 2019, and he has since expanded to work with a vast array of ancient and semi-forgotten, often semi-wild vineyards. The goal is to highlight and bring these vineyards to the forefront, so that we do not risk their being pulled up, and hence a great loss of diverse genetic material.


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