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La Galoche Rosé 2020 — Gamay


A Wine That

makes you wanna blast out Prince's 'Kiss' on your speakers on repeat, while lying horizontal in a park all day long with the intermittent random spurt of dancing to 'Raspberry Beret.' Pack your ice bucket. This is as fresh as rosé gets - mouthwatering acidity, with raspberry and cranberry flavours for days, giving you an energy boost with every sip. And when the day turns into night? Well... looking for the vinous version of a Cosmo? Look no further. This is your Sex & The City wine - after all, 'La Galoche' does mean 'French kiss.'

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  • Winemaker: Raphaël Saint-Cyr
La Galoche Rosé 2020 — Gamay Wine LITTLEWINE













Clay limestone



Where and How?

Raphaël St-Cyr is the leading organic producer in southern Beaujolais; a beam of light for the area. This cuvée comes from 25-year-old Gamay vines, planted on clay/limestone soils. 

The grapes were harvested very early in the morning while it was still cool, chilled overnight and macerated at cool temperatures for three days to build on texture and vibrancy of fruit. It fermented naturally in tank, and the wine was then aged for six months in cement, and bottled unfined, unfiltered, with just a touch of sulphur. 

The Winemaker

Raphaël smiles a lot. His kind aura radiates throughout the room and bounces off the walls. He is also very tall and clearly extremely strong. This is a true farmer who spends his life amongst the vines. Being with him feels somewhat like being in the presence of a gentle giant - like Roald Dahl’s book the BFG. Just like in the book, we feel pretty comfortable that if the evil giants were to come after us, Raphaël would protect us.

We are at his domaine, a humble place with a tasting room for passers-by, in the south of Beaujolais. He takes us on a vineyard walk. His vineyards are the antithesis of the grey, herbicide-treated vineyards of neighbouring vineyards that we drove past earlier. They seem to exude a buoyant energy, not dissimilar to Raphaël’s own energy. He is bouncing along with huge strides, even though it’s a cold, bleak and pouring with rain. His vineyards are full of life; there is greenery everywhere; and we can’t help but notice how spongy and alive the soil seems to be. His bouncy pace is contagious and we feel ourselves bouncing along with him.

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