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In A Hell Mood 2020 — St. Laurent


A Wine That

is giving you an energy boost sip after sip! Imagine hitting the dancefloor to your favourite tunes - that's how 'In A Hell Mood' makes us feel. It's an insanely delicious blush-colour-like Pet Nat that is bursting with forest berry flavours. Made of beautiful Sankt Laurent grapes by sisters Susanne, Stefanie and brother Georg, it's a wine of passion, friendship and pure deliciousness!

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In A Hell Mood 2019 Wine LITTLEWINE















St. Laurent

Where and How?

The St. Laurent for this pét-nat is picked early, which means acidity is preserved in the grapes. Whole bunches (stems included) are pressed before being put into the bottle together with the creamy, yeasty lees to ferment naturally. After six months, the bottles are disgorged to remove excess lees, and then topped up with the same liquid, rather than dosage. This results in a dry style, with just 10g of residual sugar.


The Winemaker

Stefanie and Susanne Renner, from the Burgenland, Austria, are a force to be reckoned with. With just five vintages under their belt, they’re already considered one of the most dynamic duos of new wave Austria. Throughout global history, it has so often been a son who takes over the family estate, and it is often the man's name found on the label. But history is changing. In the case of the Renner family, it was the middle sibling – Stefanie – who took the winemaking reins by doing internships abroad at the likes of Matassa, Shobbrook and JH Meyer Wines. Since 2015, Stefanie and her older sibling Susanne have managed the farming and winemaking, converting to biodynamics slowly. In doing so, they have noticed that their vineyards have become more balanced, thus better able to deal with extreme climate conditions. Susanne explains,

“If your soils aren’t healthy; if they’re unstable or unbalanced, then extreme weather conditions harm the whole system a lot more. That’s the main idea of our farming - to allow the plant to be able to adapt to all of the extremes.” Late last year, their youngest sibling and only brother, Georg, quit his technology job and decided to join his sistas. Now it it’s a dynamic family trio. Will a RennerBrotha cuvée join the stable? Time will tell. 

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