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Riesling Ried Bruck 2012


A Wine That

embodies why we're pretty sure Riesling is the drink of the gods. From the steep slopes of the famed Bruck vineyard, this is steely Riesling in all its glory. Minerality might well be an overused term, but it's one that definitely applies here.

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  • Winemaker: Martin Muthenthaler
Riesling Ried Bruck - 2012
















Where and How?

This comes from the Bruck vineyard in the Wachau Valley of Austria; Riesling organically farmed on orthogneiss: metamorphic limestone-free rock. Here, the influence of the Danube is lessened, and rather it's the cold air from the Jauerling which affects this cool site, bringing that mineral hallmark ever more to the forefront. The Riesling grapes are pressed directly and the juice ferments naturally. It then ages for an extended period (eight months) on the lees in stainless steel, and is bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker: Martin Muthenthaler

In the Wachau Valley, you’ll find the country’s most esteemed cellars; centuries-old enclaves featuring vintages going back decades; and 100-year-old foudres to house wines that are still ageing before being bottled. But it’s not just a region steeped in history; it’s also home to progressive thinkers; people like Martin Muthenthaler who challenge the status quo.
When Martin first decided to go out on his own, people told him he couldn’t farm organically in this region due to its steep slopes. They also told him he couldn’t make wine from the area known as the Spitzer Graben; that it was too cool to reliably ripen grapes. But Martin isn’t a ‘can’t’ person; he’s a ‘can’ person; and these days, he’s producing some of the most thrilling organic, naturally made wines that the Wachau has seen.

Discover the Story of Martin Muthenthaler

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