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For the Curious

Have you just been bitten by the natural wine bug? Let us take you back to the roots. Explore 2 delicious bottles of natural wine made by groundbreaking winemakers while discovering what's behind the bottle, and what it means to farm vines sustainably in our modern world. Free carbon-neutral shipping included.

Please note: Our monthly boxes ship on the 7-12th of the month via trackable Express. Subscriptions started after this shipment timeframe dispatch next-day. For first-time orders placed after the 24th, please let us know if you wish to receive the LITTLEWINE Club box that you have just missed and we can send it to you without a hassle (unless it has already sold out).


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❝Rooted❞ <br> Wine Subscription Subscription LITTLEWINE

Organically(+) farmed
naturally made wines


Discover the winemakers
behind the bottle


Digitally learn
about the wines


100% recyclable


Fully trackable parcels
shipped carbon neutral


Save 10% on
all future wine orders


Payment: 1st of the month
Delivery: 7-12th of the month*

*Your first order ships next-day


Join our monthly
online event(s)

The Wine

We fell head-over-heels for wines farmed and made with respect for nature. We want you to experience the same joy from the very bottles that hooked us—and figured the easiest way to do so would be to get them to your door once a month, together with content, photography and film. Thanks to our long-standing friendships with winemakers across the globe, we are able to peek into the cellars and minds of some of the most inspiring winemakers—from established pioneers to breakthrough newcomers. We are fully committed to wines from #goodvinesonly—with organics as the bare minimum—so you can be rest assured that everything you are drinking is good for the planet. These are wines made by people, not machines, born from healthy vineyards and caring people.

The People

It’s not only about what’s inside the bottle or what’s on the label. Winemakers are clad in work boots, muddy jeans and wine-splattered T-shirts for 300+ days a year. Great wine requires patience, as nature cannot be rushed. Vines require constant attention, and the vineyards are breathing ecosystems. Their guardians—the winemakers—are some of the most inspiring people we know. That’s why we want you to be able to connect with them on a personal level. The winemakers we work with are friends of nature, friends of you and me. They are farmers, parents, career jumpers, and above all, they are artists, bottling their art in the form of fermented grape juice instead of paint. By signing up to our subscription, you’ll be able to hear their stories, explore their vineyards, discover their philosophies, and digitally meet them on the screen.

The Transport & Packaging

We always aspired to launch a wine subscription that brings natural wine full circle. Our concern for the environment is a key driver for our passion of natural wine and we believe that wine bottles shouldn’t travel the whole universe. Rather, we need to take full responsibility for the emissions that we incur by moving wine from one location to another. That’s why we are offsetting all carbon emissions from shipping our monthly boxes from our warehouse to your doorstep, and only use packaging materials that are made from recycled material and/or are biodegradable – from the cardboard to the tape, from the stickers to the paper.

The Experience

Our wine subscription isn’t just a monthly wine delivery; it’s a monthly wine experience in the comfort of your home. We aspire to bring you as close to the winemaker and place as possible, using photography, text, film and audio. All of our boxes come with exclusive content, a monthly online event invitation during which we’ll personally and interactively uncover the world of natural wine with a winemaker live on screen, and a Backstage Pass to our online platform, which allows you to get to know dozens of winemakers in an unparalleled way.


Are you read to sign-up and join us behind the bottle?

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