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Rotwein 2018 — Dornfelder & Pinot Noir


A Wine That

according to Rudolf, comes from a vineyard already cultivated by the Romans. Dornfelder, Germany's native variety is blended with a touch of Pinot Noir and macerated for 14 days to allow a deep texture. If you are looking for a juicy companion for your day to day drinking pleasures you will love this little charmer!

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  • Winemaker: Rudolf Trossen
Rotwein - 2018















Pinot Noir

Where and How?

Cycling along the banks of the Mosel valley is like a fairy tale ride. You are surrounded by breathtaking steep slopes and the hallmark grape Riesling is omnipresent in each and every corner. Amongst grand castles and Medieval towns it feels uncommonly calm and idyllic to arrive in the small village Kindel - Kinheim where Rudolf and Rita have been living and creating one of Germany's most iconic biodynamic estate for over 40 years. Being an early believer in organic farming Rudolf and Rita have been leading the way for making pure and honest wines while paying deep respect and devotion to the tradition of dry and off-dry styles from day one. Their vineyards are among some of the steepest in the region, yet still stand out thanks to their vitality and to this day unconventional farming practices. For more than 10 years they have stopped using any additions on most of their wines giving them as much freedom and room to develop the very essence of each plot and vintage. It's no surprise that they rank among the most sought after and memorable white wines in Europe today.

The Winemaker: Rudolf Trossen

Rudolf and Rita Trossen are mavericks in an ocean full of traditional and conservative wineries within the Mosel valley. Already back in their early days in the late 1970s they returned to a more holistic approach to agriculture applying biodynamic principles long before consumers even started noticing an organic movement in Europe. Up to this day they tend some of the steepest and oldest vineyards in the Mosel focusing almost exclusively on the King and Queen variety Riesling.


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