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Rosso Se 2016 — Rossese


A Wine That

intoxicates you with its warm aromas of spices and herbs; thyme, saffron and even a hint of ginger. Somehow it is almost exotic; reminiscent of souks and wild grasses. It is a paradox of delicacy and power; light and elegant in body but muscular in flavour — a wine to spend time with; to get to know.

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  • Winemaker: Selvadolce
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Calcareous Sand



Where and How?

From an almost hauntingly beautiful plot of land called Ciapissa, nestled at 600m above sea level up in the hills of Liguria, in an area so remote that it is only inhabited by a small number of people. A historic vineyard, this has been planted for centuries to Rossese.

Aged in old barrels for ten months, and bottle aged for a further twelve months.

The Winemaker

Aris Blancardi grew up on his family’s property, Selvadolce, in Liguria, on the Italian Riviera. It had been a flower farm since  the time of his great grandparents, who had been amongst the first to revolutionise the sale of flowers, in particular carnations, from Liguria to Russia. Aris himself had always loved nature and animals, so while his brother was involved in the day-to-day running of the flower business, Aris was a horse vet. However, the day came where Aris’ father started to think about retirement, and so he found himself joining the family company. However, things weren’t quite as rosy as one might envision on a flower farm. One hot summer’s day in the early 90s, Aris jumped off the tractor, ripped his facemark off and said;

“Stop. Enough is enough. I don’t want to do this,” pointing at the sprays. “I’ll end up killing myself, and I’ll end up killing our employees.”

The sprays he was referring to was a strict and intensive pesticide regimen. Looking for an escape, Aris discovered biodynamics by accident through a friend who was interested in biodynamic vegetable farming. He was deeply inspired, halted the flower business entirely and decided to start farming the vineyard on the property biodynamically. That was the end of any chemicals permitted on the property, and today the land at Selvadolce thrives.

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