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Sgarzon — Teroldego 2019


A Wine That

combines deep aromas and fresh acidity in one sip. Think crushed red berries, wild flowers and a pinch of cool spice. As it comes from a cooler spot in the Piana Rotaliana region, it's a wine for red wine lovers who appreciate that gentle spark of acidity at the back of the palate.

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  • Winemaker: Foradori
Sgarzon — Teroldego - 2019













Calcareous Clay



Where and How?

This comes from a 2.5-hectare biodynamically farmed vineyard, on sandy alluvial soils, in Campo Rotaliano, Mezzolombardo. The word “Sgarzon” literally means "shoot." The vines that grow in this vineyard are particularly active, hence its name! It is a slightly cooler parcel of Teroldego, thus often yielding a slightly fresher style of wine.
The wine spent eight months on the skins in 'tinajas' (Spanish amphorae), where it fermented naturally.

The Winemaker: Foradori

Elisabetta Foradori is an institution in herself. A winemaking powerhouse. The OG keeper of the Teroldego grape, Elisabetta is largely responsible for the preservation and diversification of the variety.

These days, Foradori is a family affair. In recent years, Elisabetta was joined by sons Emilio and Theo (who LITTLEWINE spoke to for this article) and daughter Myrtha. They now help to run the estate and have brought to the table, as Elisabetta did back in 1984, a fresh perspective on biodynamics and permaculture, which enables the winery to keep on evolving—just as it has done since 1934.


More About The Foradori Family

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