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Silice — Jacquère 2020


A Wine That

brings the freshness of the snow-peaked Alps right to your doorstep. It might seem bonkers to think that Alpine air can be bottled, but this really does smell like the air when you're skiing or hiking through the mountains. Then, on the palate, there's a splash of grapefruit and a dash of lime juice — this is all about brightness. Pair it with Thai cuisine and marvel at the subtle flavours.

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  • Winemaker: Domaine des Ardoisières
Silice — Jacquère - 2020













Limestone Scree



Where and How?

This comes from fruit bought from a friend of the winemaker: organically farmed 50-60yo Jacquère vines (one of the indigenous varieties of the Savoie) on limestone scree and clay-limestone soils in the Apremont appellation.

The grapes were hand harvested, after which they were directly pressed and the juice was left to ferment in fibreglass tanks. It was then aged on the lees for nine months, and bottled with very low sulfites (20mg/L). 

The Winemaker

"Domaine des Ardoisières is much more than your regular winery; it is a project of cultural and viticultural preservation. Founded by Michel Grisard, iconic Savoyard winemaker and biodynamic pioneer, who was also the man behind the winery Prieuré St Christoph (now retired), it is has now fully been transferred to the hands of talented Brice Omont. Brice first came to the Savoie in 2003, somewhat serendipitously, and met Michel the day before he was due to return home to northern France. With very little experience (or none, as Brice humbly puts it) it was a welcome surprise for Brice to learn that this was, in Michel’s eyes, an advantage. Michel said to him, “With this kind of farming, you have to forget everything you knew, and start from zero.” And that was that: Michel invited Brice to join him on the Ardoisières journey, and he has never looked back.
""One year, you might understand everything, whereas another year might be totally different. But there’s also magic in that. Every year is different, you’ll come across things you didn’t anticipate, you’ll be afraid… you might make mistakes. In our way of working, there’ll always be risks. Sure, we could add yeasts and make a ‘correct’ wine, but if you take more risks and intervene less, then you have the potential to achieve something amazing; something you’ve never experienced before.""
Thank you to Vine Trail for this photo of Brice"

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