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Soleyane Blanc ⁠— Altesse 2020


A Wine That

unites tension and elegance. It takes you on a joyful walk smelling blossoming apple trees, wild flowers and ripe apricots, with zests of lime kicking in to refresh you as you continue walking through the green, alpine landscape of the region. It's a wine for bright days that ask for a refreshing sip of pure fermented grape juice — nothing added, nothing taken away.


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  • Winemaker: Camille et Mathieu Apffel
Soleyane Blanc ⁠— Altesse - 2020
















Where and How?

This wine is made from the grape variety Altesse, which is native to the region of Savoie. The vines grow on the clay-limestone banks of the Rhône river, at the gates of Bugey, in a late-ripening vineyard. The wine was fermented and aged in vats (66%) and barrels (33%), and bottles unfiltered and without added sulphur.

The Winemaker

Camille & Mathieu Apffel have been tending their own vines in Savoie since 2018. They make wines that are gentle, subtle and nuanced and bring the mountainous slopes and native varieties into the glass.

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