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St. Joseph Rouge 2019


A Wine That

has a special place in our hearts. If you're a lover of peppery red wine, then this is the hallmark, and a wine which year after year reminds us why Syrah is capable of such wondrous things. Tended lovingly by this duo, these are some of the healthiest vines we've seen, and that shines through in the wine — think vibrant straight-off-the-bush blackcurrants dipped in white pepper.

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  • Winemaker: Pierre Gonon
St. Joseph Rouge - 2019
















Where and How?

This is massal selection Syrah (representing ancient and diverse genetic material) farmed organically in St-Joseph by Jean and Pierre Gonon, including very old vines (80+-year-old) purchased from the legendary Raymond Trollat in St Jean de Muzols. The maceration always takes place with majority whole bunches, fermentation occurs naturally, and the wine ages in old oak barrels. Bottled unfiltered, but the use of egg whites is used as a fining agent, so not suitable for vegans.

The Winemaker: Pierre Gonon

Domaine Pierre Gonon, now run by sons Jean & Pierre Gonon, is one of the original game-changers of the Northern Rhône wine landscape. They were the second domaine of St-Joseph to bottle their own wines (as opposed to sell grapes to négociants or cooperatives), and ditched chemicals in the 90s in favour of horse ploughing and organics. These bottles are like finding needles in a haystack. Along with a small handful of independent, organic growers in the Northern Rhône, they are committed to the diversity of Syrah; and to its history; and that means one thing in particular: massal selection.
Syrah has been one of the varieties hit hardest by global warming in recent years, but through the dedication of growers such as Jean and Pierre, the future is as bright as it’s ever been for this variety. And it’s not just through massal selection that they’re seeing it thrive, it’s also thanks to an ancestral training technique, which also happens to be one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.


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