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7 Fuentes 2017 — Listán Negro & Tintilla


A Wine That

Pairs with everything from meat to fish to veggies, and which is your perfect companion to summer evenings. Juicy and thirst-quenching, its flavours will be even more explosive if you serve this slightly chilled. It tastes like eating blackcurrants and raspberries with the faint whisp of BBQ smoke and white pepper. Simply put, “yum.”

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  • Winemaker: Suertes del Marques
7 Fuentes 2017 Wine LITTLEWINE















Listán Negro

Where and How?

This is Suertes del Marqués’ “village” wine; aka a blend of fruit from several organically farmed volcanic parcels of predominantly the Listán Negro variety, but with a splash of Tintilla, (also known as Trousseau; one of the star grapes of the Jura.)

The wine was naturally fermented in temperature-controlled tanks with a short maceration period and 10% whole bunches. The wine was then aged for eight months in concrete and old oak vessels. It was bottled unfined, unfiltered and with just a touch of sulphur.

The Winemaker

Imagine creating wines that set a new bar for aroma profile? Wines that make heads turn and that make you question – hang on, can wine really taste like this? Well, that’s exactly what Jonatan from Suertes del Marqués has done. His work with Listán Negro and Listán Blanco (Palomino) has put these varieties centre stage. In addition, his work with two plots planted to 25 indigenous varieties of the Canary Islands, among which is the unique Volcanic Torrontés variety – only discovered last year, will one day soon uncover the story and potential of these varieties.  

You might think of seaside resorts when you think of Tenerife, but there exists an entirely different world up in the hillsides and mountains; an enclave of organic viticulture and ancient vine material promoted by Jonatan García Lima and the team of Envínate. Together, these two wineries have created an international reputation for the island of Tenerife. In the Valle de la Oratava where Jonatan is based, the black grape variety Listán Negro is King, and the white variety Listán Blanco is Queen, and many of the vines are 100 years old (or more). Other varieties found in these ancient vineyards of extraordinarily diverse DNA include Vijariego Negro, Baboso Negro, Castellana Negra, Malvasia Rosada and Volcanic Torrontés. 

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