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Sunny Cide Up 2020


A Wine That

is not a wine! Apples, quinces and grapes come together to create this cloudy, crunchy marvel. Every time the sun breaks through the clouds, our minds turn to this joyous thirst quencher. A real conversation starter.

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  • Winemaker: Claus Preisinger
Sunny Cide Up - 2020
















Where and How?

Here, Claus creates two different Pét Nats - one made with grapes, the other one with fruits (like a cider) - and then blends them together. Both are directly pressed and fermented in big used oak barrels, keeping things fresh and lively. They are then bottled at the desired level of residual sugar to ensure a certain sweetness, pressure and fizz. The two are then married after disgorging. Bottled unfined, unfiltered and without sulfites.

The Winemaker: Claus Preisinger

From a hobby winemaker to farming 19 hectares of vines biodynamically, Claus may be young still but he already has 20 vintages under his belt. Having learnt how to make wine at school, "by the book," he quickly threw everything he's been taught out of the window. He says,


“With 20 years’ of experience I can now say it’s been a step by step thing. You start your winemaking career with what you learnt in school, and then you figure out that not everything you were told is right. Then, in the search of purity, it’s a trial and error thing. You keep trying out new things, and then suddenly you find you can’t really step back.”

Today, he makes wine in a cellar that is full of every vessel imaginable: from oak barrels, to foudres, to amphorae, to glass. He also wasn't content with the manner in which he had been taught viticulture. This led him to discovering the biodynamic way. When this journey began, like all other practitioners, he was reading Steiner and many other books and essays. These days, however, he feels he has built a base of knowledge and is able to explore his own notions further:

“Those first years - it was like following the rules. Nowadays, I see it more as working with a diagnosis - I see and feel what the soil needs, and what your wine needs. Then I react, or don’t react. Every year is a different growing season, and every vintage is different. You’ll try out different things, it’s all part of the process…. That keeps pushing me forward, and that’s why I really love my job.”

Discover the Story of Claus Preisinger

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