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La Porte Saint-Jean Saumur Champigny 2018


A Wine That

explains in a single sip why Cabernet Franc is capable of producing some of the most soul-searching wines on this planet. This is Sylvain's top wine, and it's not hard to see why—there are layers and layers of complexity here. Trying to figure out this wine is like trying to solve a rubix cube; there's earth, cherries, blackcurrant, wild herbs, pepper and many more elements to discover. Get your pen & paper ready; this is a wine to remember.

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  • Winemaker: Sylvain Dittiere
La Porte Saint-Jean Saumur Champigny - 2018













Sandy Clay-Silt


Cabernet Franc

Where and How?

Sylvain's Cabernet Franc grapes go through a very rigorous sorting process: before being destemmed and after again. Sylvain feels that has brought more precision to the wines:
“It might be very meticulous and time consuming, but it makes a huge difference to the quality of the juice.”
The grapes are then macerated for a period of around 30-40 days in concrete, where the juice ferments naturally. After pressing, the wine ages in old oak barrels in his magical, cave-like cellar, for 24 months. Bottled unfined and unfiltered with minimal sulphites.

The Winemaker: Sylvain Dittiere

Arriving at Sylvain’s cellar mid-harvest is like arriving at an intense study group, but with wine bottles instead of books. Fellow winemakers and interns are visiting him, wine from several different vintages is being poured free-flow, and at least three conversations are occurring at any given moment in time.
You get a strong sense of passing the baton; the baton in question being winemaking know-how, learnt from many years of working with winemakers throughout France and carrying out experiments. As we sit down to chat with him, we have two young woman winemakers on either side who are getting the opportunity to learn, just like he once did.


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