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Teroldego 2020


A Wine That

represents far more than what's in the bottle. This is a wine of culture and legacy — a wine that (metaphorically) got up on the dining room table and took a stand for Teroldego, having since become one of the world's most memorable red wines. ​​And the taste? Spicy, fresh plum, herbal deliciousness with a graphite undertone. Packed full of flavour and freshness — you can sip this away at Sunday lunch without falling asleep mid-mouthful.

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  • Winemaker: Foradori
Teroldego - 2020
















Where and How?

Without this wine and the efforts of its makers, quality versions of this grape variety might have got lost in the ether. When young, Elisabetta Foradori had feared that the clonal propagation of Teroldego would be detrimental to the variety, so she replanted all of her vineyards to old selections: a monumental effort. This is a blend across nine hectares of vineyards, from alluvial, gravel and sandy soils.

Through working with the heritage selections, Elisabetta made a global name for the quality of the variety. Winemaking for this cuvée is simple to allow the fruit and terroir to express itself freely — the wine is naturally fermented and aged for 12 months in old oak and concrete. A gentle fragrant element is due to the introduction of some whole bunches. Bottled unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker: Foradori

Elisabetta Foradori is an institution in herself. A winemaking powerhouse. The OG keeper of the Teroldego grape, Elisabetta is largely responsible for the preservation and diversification of the variety.

These days, Foradori is a family affair. In recent years, Elisabetta was joined by sons Emilio and Theo (who LITTLEWINE spoke to for this article) and daughter Myrtha. They now help to run the estate and have brought to the table, as Elisabetta did back in 1984, a fresh perspective on biodynamics and permaculture, which enables the winery to keep on evolving—just as it has done since 1934.


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