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Baby Bandito 'Keep on Punching' 2020


A Wine That

makes our mouth water in anticipation. This is everything we love about the fresh side of Chenin Blanc: lime zest, salt and that mineral crunch. It's the kind of pick-me-up wine we all need in our fridge. Who needs Lucozade when you can have Baby Bandito?

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  • Winemaker: Testalonga
Baby Bandito 'Keep on Punching' - 2020

South Africa














Chenin Blanc

Where and How?

This comes from old-vine Chenin Blanc in the Piketberg foothills of the Swartland region of South Africa, planted in 1961. It is farmed organically by Craig. The vines lie adjacent to a river, meaning there’s enough water available for them throughout the season. The grapes are hand harvested, whole bunch pressed, and left to ferment naturally in stainless steel and oak foudres. It is bottled unfined, unfiltered and with just a tiny touch of sulphites at bottling.

The Winemaker: Testalonga

Craig grew up in East South Africa, near Durban, in an area where there are very few vineyards. His childhood dream was to become a game ranger and to work in conservation. It was only after school that he was introduced to the notion of viticulture, through his brother Neil. At school, the only subject Craig had got straight As in was art - whereas the sciences lingered at Bs - so he was sold on the idea of being able to work with nature, transforming that into a liquid, and to sell that liquid via a label designed himself.
Today, you can find Craig and Carla Hawkins in the true Swartland wilderness – 100km north of the hub of the Paadeberg, in an area called Piketberg. This is true rural Africa; not many human beings are here, but rather wildlife in abundance. Together with 84 other farms, they are working on a project with the Cape Leopard trust, to track the movement of leopards and to investigate their interaction with farm animals. Thus, Craig has unwittingly fulfilled his childhood dream synonymously with farming vines and making wine.


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