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Textures 2018 — Champagne


A Wine That

demonstrates Champagne can be as experimental as wine, too. This incorporates the skin maceration technique into a bottle of bubbles. If you're a lover of texture (yes, we know it's called texture, but it really is true!) and orange wine, this is for you. With these added dimensions, it's also the ultimate food pairing wine. We think you've found the bottle to go with your starter...

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  • Winemaker: Vouette et Sorbée
Textures - 2018















Pinot Blanc

Where and How?

The Pinot Blanc for this cuvée was grown on limestone-rich clay on a plot owned by Bertrand's brother.

This experimental wine underwent a period of skin-contact in buried Georgian qvevri for ten months, which contributes texture and savouriness to the final wine. This wine is 'non dosé', meaning that no 'dosage' (extra sugar) is added after disgorgement, resulting in a dry style. This means there are no distractions from the distinctive, textural, savoury style.
Thank you to Vine Trail for these photographs.

The Winemaker: Vouette et Sorbée

Vouette et Sorbée, located in the southerly most part of Champagne in Buxières-Sur-Arce, in the Aube, has become one of the leading wineries in the Grower Champagne movement.
Bertrand Gautherot began tending his family's vines in the late 80s, and already by the 90s had come to fear the consequences of chemical agriculture, discovering and deciding to pursue the biodynamic path. The wines made in this cellar are some of the purest, freshest and most vibrant Champagnes we know, guaranteed to make ever sparkling wine lover beam from ear to ear.


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