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Ancestral Müller Thurgau 2019


A Wine That

is for dare devils, for lovers of rollercoasters and raves. Looking for a wine-meets-psychadelic experience? You've found it in this wine. Think grown-up fanta lemonade, but natural.

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  • Winemaker: The Hermit Ram
Ancestral Müller Thurgau - 2019

New Zealand
North Canterbury















Where and How?

The grapes for this wine come from one of the oldest vineyards in Canterbury (now 35+ years old).
The grapes are macerated as whole clusters in open top fermenters, where they begin fermenting naturally, carbonic-style. After two weeks, they're pressed and the wine transferred to tank where it settles naturally. Theo freezes some of the fresh juice, which he adds into the wine right before bottling, so the second fermentation can occur in bottle (and hence, produce bubbles like magic!) No sulphites added, and unfined and unfiltered.

The Winemaker: The Hermit Ram

The more winemakers we meet, the more we understand that the greatest winemakers are also the most humble. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Theo Coles of the Hermit Ram. When we chat with him, it’s clear his enthusiasm for his craft grows on a daily basis, but so does his way of thinking - with experience, he becomes more open-minded, not less.
It’s arguably this mindset that has brought him to where he is today; creating some of the most thrilling and exciting wines that New Zealand has to offer.
But why - and how - are they so great? You might ask. It’s due to their rawness and transparency that these wines are able to communicate their place. In a sea of New Zealand wines that often taste the same, these stand completely apart. They’re unique, and they’re not afraid to be unique.


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