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Pinot Noir Limestone Hills 2017


A Wine That

really captures the essence of both Pinot Noir and New Zealand in a bottle. There's something romantically wild about this — think shoreline strolls and laying back in grasses to stargaze, with a mineral, salty crunch. This is really the jewel in The Hermit Ram's crown, and it's not hard to see why.

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  • Winemaker: The Hermit Ram
Pinot Noir Limestone Hills - 2017

New Zealand
North Canterbury








Slightly chilled






Pinot Noir

Where and How?

Theo tells us, "This wine is the first produced under this label. It comes from Gareth Renowden’s tiny, super close planted vineyard deep in the Waipara Gorge. It is an intriguing site. The soil is made up of limestone rocks and clay marl. It has high active lime through the profile. The fruit is farmed naturally with no synthetic sprays. It is picked quite late as the site is amongst the coolest in North Canterbury. The combination of the lateness of this site and the beautiful active limestone soils creates a wine that is delicate, saline, and other worldly."
The grapes are destemmed, and fermentation occurs naturally during a maceration time of six weeks. Extraction is very gentle. Aged in old barrels and bottled unfined, unfiltered and with just a touch of sulphites (30ppm). A real gem.

The Winemaker: The Hermit Ram

The more winemakers we meet, the more we understand that the greatest winemakers are also the most humble. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Theo Coles of the Hermit Ram. When we chat with him, it’s clear his enthusiasm for his craft grows on a daily basis, but so does his way of thinking - with experience, he becomes more open-minded, not less.
It’s arguably this mindset that has brought him to where he is today; creating some of the most thrilling and exciting wines that New Zealand has to offer.
But why - and how - are they so great? You might ask. It’s due to their rawness and transparency that these wines are able to communicate their place. In a sea of New Zealand wines that often taste the same, these stand completely apart. They’re unique, and they’re not afraid to be unique.


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