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Vin Mousseux 'La Bulette' NV


A Wine That

convinces us that magic is not only possible, but very real. Sip this and close your eyes, and you'll experience something from another dimension. This is all about energy and salinity, and we can't get enough.

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  • Winemaker: Domaine des Cavarodes
Vin Mousseux 'La Bulette' - NV
















Where and How?

This is organically farmed Chardonnay from 2017. Etienne added 10% of fermenting Savagnin into the barrel as the _pris de mousse _to restart fermentation. Bottled unfined and unfltered, without sulfites.

The Winemaker: Domaine des Cavarodes

Etienne Thiebaud is a real farmer, based in a sleepy village in the Jura. Here, he is creating some of the most sought-after naturally made wines in the world.
There is something magical about this part of the world. It is a tiny wine region, five times smaller than Burgundy - and Burgundy is only small. Here, Etienne makes wine from Savagnin, Chardonnay, Poulsard and Trousseau, as well as a handful of ancient varieties, which Etienne farms with pride. When peering into a glass of his Poulsard de Chemenot, it seems to sparkle, and the aromas are beguiling: enough to convince anyone that magic can exist in a glass of wine.


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