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Vouvray Demi-Sec 1989


A Wine That

made us beam from ear to ear when we discovered its existence! We leapt at the chance to list some of this incredibly rare 1989 vintage — in these bottles you get to taste a little silver of this iconic domaine's history. Think almond peel with a sprinke of minerals, a touch of marzipan, and an incredible nutmeg complexity. This is the bottle for an ultra-special meal or family celebration, and (of course) a 'must have' for anyone born in 89.

This bottle is a rare find that we would like to share with many of you. We are therefore limiting the purchase to ONE BOTTLE ONLY per customer please, thank you for your understanding!

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  • Winemaker: Catherine & Pierre Breton
Vouvray Demi-Sec - 1989















Chenin Blanc

Where and How?

This is a very rare release straight from the Breton family's cellar, where it has aged since its making in 1989! It comes from vineyards planted on clay and flint soils in Vouvray, the Loire Valley.
This is a demi-sec, meaning it's an off dry style, so it has a touch of sugar. Combined with its marvellous acidity, that creates something mystical, and explains why this has aged so beautifully in balance.

The Winemaker: Catherine & Pierre Breton

When a bottle of Breton's biodynamic wines appear on the table in natural wine circles, everyone leans back and smiles; these are some of the most comforting and enjoyable wines out there. Their emblematic cuvée, La Dilettante, achieves many of the aspects we all dream about in a bottle of wine: namely drinkability (or scrap that, glugability) and fun.
The importance of fun in a bottle of wine cannot be underestimated: both the drinking of it, but also in the making of it. When we arrive at the Bretons’ cellar, it’s smiles all around. Likewise in the vineyard; picking might be quite a brutal task, but here it’s one that’s carried out with music blasting on the speakers and jokes being cracked. When we photograph Catherine and Pierre, Pierre grabs a bunch of grapes and stuffs them in Catherine’s face and they giggle, still youngsters in love.


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