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Welschriesling 2018


A Wine That

truly mirrors the greenness of where it comes from — southern Styria. It has an electric, sappy edge to it that makes you think of vibrant and abundant plant life. And when you see the greenery of the vineyards, it all makes sense. Think fresh cut flowers, lemon pith, even with an edge of lemongrass... this wine simply has bucketloads of freshness.

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  • Winemaker: Roland Tauss
Welschriesling - 2018
















Where and How?

This Welschriesling comes from the biodynamic vineyards of Weingut Tauss, in southern Styria, Austria. As well as being biodynamic, the vineyards are also farmed as hands-off as possible to allow the vines to find their own balance as naturally as they can. The soils are managed according to a no-till policy, meaning they never plough — this is as much about regenerative agriculture as it is about biodynamics.

The Winemaker: Roland Tauss

Tucked away in the rolling hills of rural southern Styria, Roland and Alice, his wife, discovered biodynamics in the early 2000s and made new friends with likeminded farmers. This alternative realm of farming changed everything for them, and the Tauss philosophy became centred around life: protecting life, promoting life, enhancing life... with the ultimate goal of capturing this life in a bottle to bring to winelovers around the world.


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